Airblue: Book domestic and international flights with Airblue and get a discount on flight fares (Dubai to Pak). Passengers can get an Air Blue ticket from our platform at lower prices. Also, track flight status. Whether you are looking for an international flight or an Airblue Lahore flight, you can book Airblue flights directly from our website. So wear your seat belts and enjoy the comfort, luxury, and affordability of Air Blue flights.

Get ticket information and check, flight status, flight schedule, and online check-in guide here. It also offers TCS tracking service for the passengers.


Airblue Flight Status

You can check your Airblue flight status on our website. Just enter your flight number and track your flight status online in real-time. If you are flying from Dubai then you are at the right website.

Book Airblue Flights Online (Reservation)

Airblue Flight Booking

Book Your Flight

If you want to book an Airblue ticket online, you are at the right place. Airblue Airlines is offering all kinds of flights including domestic and international routes. You can check flight timings, Airblue routes, and flight fares of any Airblue flight.

Book Airblue Flights Online

Also, there is a reward system offered by Airblue where members can earn membership points. The service is called BlueMiles service and is a part of the Frequent Flyer Program. Members can earn points and then redeem them for ticket discounts and other benefits.

Not only this, passengers now can use the E-Cargo service of Airblue which is a major step towards the revolution of Air Freight markets. So book Airblue tickets today and get great deals and discounts.

Book Airblue Tickets for International Flights – Online Check-In

Airblue is offering both domestic and international routes in Pakistan. However, with amazing amenities the international flights are worth checking in. You can book flights for the following routes:

Airblue International Flight Ticket Price, Routes and Information

Below are the details of all the Airblue international flights with flight timings and fares.

Airblue Lahore to Dubai Flight Schedule

Airblue Flight Schedule(Every Week)
Departure2:40 PM
Arrival at Dubai5:10 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 25,471

Sunday is an off day so there will be no flight. Also, you can do advance bookings on our website.

Airblue Islamabad to Dubai Flight Schedule

Airblue Flight Schedule(6 Flights in a Week)
Departure3:00 AM
Arrival at Dubai5:25 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 25,471

There will be six international flights and Tuesday will be a day off.

Airblue Karachi to Dubai Flight Schedule

Airblue Flight Schedule(5 Flights Every Week)
Departure5:55 AM
Arrival at Dubai7:10 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 23,957 to Rs. 25,120

You will only find evening Air Blue flights on this route. There are two flight tickets that you can avail.

Airblue Abu Dhabi to Lahore

Airblue Flight Schedule(2 Flights Every Week)
Departure4:10 AM
Arrival at Lahore8:25 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 17,698

Airblue Karachi to Jeddah

Airblue Flight Schedule(3 Flights Every Week)
Departure10:50 AM
Arrival at Jeddah5:00 AM
Ticket PriceRs. 78,700

Book Airblue Domestic Flight Ticket and Routes

Airblue has domestic routes for all the major cities in Pakistan including Rahim Yar Khan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, and Multan.

Let’s have a look at booking and flight timings.

Airblue Karachi to Lahore

Afternoon Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(Everyday)
Departure12:00 PM
Arrival at Lahore1:45 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480

Night Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(Everyday)
Departure9:00 PM
Arrival at Lahore10:45 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480

Airblue Karachi to Islamabad

Night Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(14 Flights Every Week)
Departure9:00 PM
Arrival at Islamabad11:00 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480

Morning Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(14 Flights Every Week)
Departure7:15 AM
Arrival at Islamabad9:15 AM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480

Airblue Karachi to Peshawar

Airblue Flight Schedule(3 Flights Every Week)
Departure11:30 AM
Arrival at Peshawar1:30 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 15,999

Airblue Lahore to Karachi

Morning Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(14 Flights Every Week)
Departure9:00 AM
Arrival at Karachi10:50 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480

Evening Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(14 Flights Every Week)
Departure9:00 PM
Arrival at Karachi7:50 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480

Airblue Islamabad to Karachi

Afternoon Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(14 Flights Every Week)
Departure12:00 PM
Arrival at Karachi2:00 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480 and Rs. 23,430

Evening Flights

Airblue Flight Schedule(14 Flights Every Week)
Departure6:00 PM
Arrival at Karachi8:00 PM
Ticket PriceRs. 18,480 and Rs. 23,430

How to Book Airblue Tickets Online?

Airblue Airlines is offering a nominal fee for fares. Airblue offers booking and reservations online for the ease of passengers. If you want to know how to book Airblue tickets online then here is the guide.

  1. Visit the Airblue website and login to your account.
  2. Now select your route like Islamabad to Lahore or Dubai.
  3. Choose departure schedules.
  4. Choose a number of passengers.
  5. Provide your contact information.
  6. Now pay with Visa or MasterCard and buy the ticket online.

Congratulations, your booking is done with Air Blue and you now can travel with one of the best airlines in Pakistan. You can do an Airblue ticket check online and do online check-in as well.

Airblue Amenities

Airblue offers world-class amenities to its passengers. If you want to experience a luxury air blue flying journey then buy an air blue ticket and enjoy the first airline in Pakistan that has a bunch of amenities. Let’s have a look at some of the amenities:

Extra Baggage Allowance

Extra Baggage Allowance

Who does not want a generous allowance for extra baggage? To fulfil your luggage requirements, Air Blue is offering extra baggage. Whether you are on a business trip or personal, get advantage of excess baggage without any inconvenience.

Wireless Check In

Wireless Check In

Enjoy the wireless check-in service from Air Blue to eliminate the hassle of waiting for hours in long lanes. Now passengers can avail the ease of wirelessly checking in by using their smartphones or other devices like Laptops or tablets.

Deals and Discounts

Deals and Discounts

Who does not love deals and discounts? Well, Air Blue understands this and that is the reason Air Blue is offering amazing deals and discounts. If you want to get a discount on an Air Blue ticket then you can avail of this for all types of flight tickets.

Wi-Fi Internet

Wi-Fi Internet

Travelling without Wi-Fi service is just like travelling on a motorbike. Air Blue has the fastest internet service through a wireless internet connection. So never get bored during your flying.



If you want to listen to music or want to watch a movie when you are on board, then you can use headphones. Each passenger has a pair of headphones that he/she can do while on board.

Halal Meal Servings

Halal Meal Servings

Air Blue knows the importance of halal meals and that is why travelers can entertain their taste buds with classic cuisine and other halal meals.

Smartphone Charging Slots

Smartphone Charging Slots

Use the smartphone charging slots to change your phone during travel.

Comfortable and Recliner Seat

Comfortable and Recliner Seat

Adjust the seat according to your comfort due to recliner seats.

About Airblue Airlines

About Airblue Airlines

In 2003, Tariq Chaudhry and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who is the former prime minister of Pakistan launched Airblue Airlines. It is a private airline in Pakistan that gained so much popularity due to its luxurious environment at affordable ticket prices. Airblue has officially surpassed Pakistan’s International Airlines (PIA) easily.

In the early era, Airblue offered domestic flyings that were from Karachi to Islamabad and Karachi to Lahore. But after that, Airblue also introduced flying from Multan and Peshawar as well. But Airblue did not just end here, in fact in 2005, Airblue added international routes as well. The first international flight was from Karachi to Dubai. After that, Airblue also added Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, and Jeddah routes. In 2007 Airblue started flying operations in Europe as well.

Now Airblue has a fleet of 10 Aircraft, Airbus A320 and A321. So it is a complete package for international and domestic journeys.

Airblue Flight Status

It is an announcement for all the passengers that they can check their Airblue flight status here. If you have booked a flying with Air Blue then we will provide you with all the updates on your flight tickets.

Airblue Ticket Price

Below is the table of Airblue Airlines ticket prices. You can check these prices:

  • Karachi to Islamabad: Rs 15,143
  • Sharjah to Islamabad: Rs 14,437
  • Lahore to Karachi: Rs 15,143

Airblue Helpline Contact Number & Customer Care

The process to contact Airblue is very simple. You can visit Airblue’s official site or you can make a call on the helpline. Another way to make contact is to visit the office of Airblue and get help from the officials of Airblue.

  • Local Helpline Number: 111-AIR-BLU (247-258)
  • From Outside of Pakistan Call (+92) 51 111-247-258

Head Office Address: 12th & 8th Floor, ISE Towers, 55-B Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad.

AirBlue All Routes Maps

Here are the destinations and departure routes of Airblue.

  • Islamabad
  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Skardu
  • Riyadh
  • Dubai
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jeddah
  • Multan


What is the frequent flyer program of Airblue?

It is an Airblue program where members can earn mileage points to redeem tickets.

Who is the owner of Airblue Airlines?

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is the owner.

How do I check my booking status online?

You need to visit our website and check your booking status online.

What is the number for Airblue reservations?

Make a call at 111-247-258 for an online reservation.

How much is an Airblue ticket from Pakistan to Dubai?

The average ticket price is Rs. 50415.

How to cancel an Airblue booking?

You can cancel any Airblue booking on the official website of Airblue. Please note that you need to pay a cancellation fee to cancel a booking.

How to deal with cancelled bookings?

You need to contact the official customer team of Airblue and ask for your refund if your booking is cancelled.

What is the check-in counter time for Airblue?

The check-in counter will close 45 minutes before the take-off. This time for booking from Airblue Lahore to Multan or Islamabad. It is for all the local cities.